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Customer Comments

  • I love every bit of it and I am extremely proud to call it my own. From the early stages of vision to having it on my hand, it was an unforgettable experience. Josh has been super patient, creative and he is a very talented and amazing luthier... I can finally say, I've got the guitar of my dreams. Thanks, man!

        -Joseph D. (Songbird Owner)

  • So imagine a guitar... perfectly balancing weight distribution, comfort, playability, and then add tons of great internal combinations facilitated by a treble bleed circuit, coil taps and amazing Gemini pickups... not to mention a freaking awesome tremolo system and you have the del Sol! I’m thinking I don’t need about 90% of the other guitars I own. Josh knocked it out of the park!!!​​

       -Glenn L. (del Sol Owner)

  • Josh has been an absolute pleasure to work with. From working out colours, specs, to periodic updates (& midway build changes) — he made the entire process super smooth & informative. Thanks for making such a killer guitar, with a killer price point to boot! I'm glad that I've not only gotten the chance to support a small builder, but also found a good friend in tone. :)

          -Sarah K. (Songbird Owner)

  • Josh was great to work with through the entire process. Ordering a custom guitar can be an uncertain process. Josh took the time to listen and discuss what I wanted. He kept me informed through the entire process giving me periodic updates. He was obviously listening because he delivered what I wanted and more! I love the feel of the neck. But as much as I love the feel and looks, it sounds even better. It absolutely is the most resonant guitar I have ever played. It has great clarity across all strings especially in the lower register. This guitar delivers exactly the tone I was wanting. Thanks, Josh!!

-Mark G. (Songbird Owner)

  • Truly an amazing crafted guitar with quality comparable to models in a higher price range. Josh was very pleasant to order from, and was quick to get his guitars to a new home. TreeTone guitars have always stood out to me in the offset market and now that I have one, I can’t wait to get my hands on another in the near future.

-Adam C. (Versa Owner)

  • What an outstanding handcrafted instrument! In my stable of guitars, the Stella is hands down my favorite. It was setup perfectly and no detail was overlooked. Do yourself a favor and support Josh and his business. For the price, you definitely won't be disappointed. Looking forward to working with you again in the future!

-Jonny F. (Stella owner)

  • I'm a big fan of my Stella. I highly recommend TreeTone. They offer extraordinary value for the $$ 

-Brent M. (Stella ST owner)

  • Fast shipping; an absolutely amazing guitar with excellent build quality and sound. 

-Aidan K.  (Stella owner)

  • Absolutely fantastic guitar. The neck is incredibly comfortable and the whole thing is just beautiful. The satin gold finish looks fantastic, especially with the wood grain sneaking through. I'm blown away by this guitar. 

-Nathan B. (Stella ST owner)

  • Only had some low volume time with it so far, but I'm really digging it. Feels amazing and the fit and finish is incredible. The neck is so great! It's pretty much everything I always wanted a Music Man neck to be. 

-Brett N. (Stella ST owner)

  • Can't put it down! I'm in love! 

-Sean G. (Brother Toaster) del Sol owner

  • Picked up the guitar, plugged it in. Wowzers! This thing is amazing. Beautiful work. Set up great. Totally worth the wait. Honestly, for this price, I do not understand why anybody would buy a mass produced instrument when this kind of craftsmanship is available. I took a chance and it paid off. You were awesome Josh and I really enjoyed working with you on this guitar. It’s just beautiful. 

-Mike C. (Stella Owner)

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